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About Bill Kleyman

Hey Everyone! I’m Bill, and I’m the CEO of, a super cool GPU Hub with Tools for Efficient AI Development.

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and now live in Chicago. And I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. I have a wonderful family and great friends, and I get to do amazing (techie) things every single day. I’ve worked with data center design, DevOps, cloud, artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, and everything connected. And, as an active member of the technology community, I was lucky enough to be ranked #16 globally in the Onalytica study that reviewed the top 100 most influential individuals in the cloud landscape and #4 in another Onalytica study, which examined the industry’s top Data Security Experts.

After 15 years in the technology space, I’ve had the chance to see quite a few advancements. Today, I work with leaders in digital infrastructure to help build a more sustainable and inclusive future and support an ever-connected digital society. I’m also a contributing editor to leading industry publications, including Data Center Frontier, Data Center Knowledge, ITPro Today, and InformationWeek. I also get the chance to speak at leading conferences like AFCOM Data Center World, DCD, Interop, Google Partner Days, AFCOM Leaders Labs, Informa, HIMSS, and others.

Finally, I also work with an extraordinary organization called Infrastructure Masons. At iMasons, I sit on the Advisory Council and am the Chairperson for the Millennial and Gen Z resource group. Our efforts result in thousands of dollars of scholarships, broad diversity, inclusion, equality programs, and hours of mentorship at colleges and universities. It’s honestly one of the most rewarding and memorable programs that I work with.


Bill is full of energy and knowledge, and it always comes through in his writing and speaking. Data Center Knowledge would not be what it is today without his voice. He is the ubermensch of tech education and evangelism!

Yevgeniy Sverdlik, Editor in Chief, Data Center Knowledge

Bill Kleyman is a knowledgeable writer and speaker on anything tech! His passion and enthusiasm for tech and all things in life are contagious and make working with him a truly wonderful experience! I can’t say enough about his knowledge, organization, and willingness to always make the client happy, no matter what the ask may be.

Ashley (Kurtz) Kure - Senior Program Coordinator, Informa Group PLC

Working with Bill has been an absolute pleasure. He’s a great writer, speaker, and most of all, one of the most passionate technologists you’ll ever meet. What makes him unique is that so much of what he teaches in the industry comes from actual real-world experience. This makes his content and his talks that much more valuable. We love working with Bill and plan to continue to do so.

Michael L Clark - Vice President, Marketing , Goliath Technologies

I had the pleasure of working with Bill during his time with EPAM. He was my go-to resource when I needed solid content from a true thought leader. He’s not only a gifted writer but he excels at public speaking. He’s a true asset and anyone would be lucky to work with him.

Makenzie Barket - Partner Marketing Manager, EPAM

Whenever I need to better understand the nuances of some of the rapid changes in enterprise technology, my first thought is ‘Better call Bill.’ He’s been my go-to guy for years, and he’s consistently one of the highest-rated speakers at our events.

Brian Gillooly, Editor-in-Chief, InformationWeek Ad Content Director, Data Center World

Bill is the most passionate guy I know in the world of enterprise tech! After interviewing Bill more than once and reading a lot of his content, no matter the topic, I end up educated with actionable advice and motivated to get started. I guarantee that if you get to know Bill, you’ll become infected with his passion for technology!

David Davis, Partner, VCP, VCAP, vExpert, and CCIE 9369,

My first interaction with Bill was at a press interview where he was writing an article about my company. From the moment he first spoke I realized that he is one of those people that deeply understand the technology and its impacts. The very first time I heard Bill give a keynote in front of 2000 people, I realized that he is just one of those folks that understand the importance of digital infrastructure, and how it impacts our society. The fact that he is now a great father and a good friend, I realized that he is just one of those folks that gets it.

Jason Collier, Co-Founder of Scale Computing and Analyst at GigaOM
Xtelligent Healthcare Media prides itself on producing content in-house, but specific topics require technical knowledge that exceeds even our most studied journalists. Based on his experience working in the field, Bill has written with authority about the intersection of health IT and security for the readers of His conversational writing style makes complex topics understandable to security and privacy professionals across the healthcare industry.
Kyle Stephen Murphy, PhD, Vice President of Content, Xtelligent Healthcare Media

It’s been a pleasure getting to know and work with Bill. I had sat in on some of Bill’s keynote addresses and seminars at AFCOM events in the past, and so when the ASHRAE TC 9.9 team needed someone to write a foreword for a new DCIM Datacom book, I immediately thought of him. Bill’s willingness to volunteer his time and his professionalism far exceeded our expectations. It’s clear Bill is not only a forward thinker in the industry but a key player and advocate for bridging divides within the industry.

Jason Matteson, ASHRAE TC9.9 Chair, Director of Product Strategy at Iceotope Technologies Limited

Bill has played an integral role in growing Upsite’s content marketing strategy, specifically The Upsite Blog. His passion for the data center industry knows no bounds and is exemplified in the articles that he writes for us. Bill is always up-to-date with the latest trends, which keeps him fresh with new ideas and topics to write about. It’s been an honor working with him for the past few years.

Isaac Montoya, Director of Marketing, Upsite Technologies

Bill Kleyman has emerged as an important voice in helping IT users understand new technologies and their benefits. He has a knack for providing clear explanations of complex technology, leveraging his hands-on experience to educate his audience. Most importantly, Bill has a passion for technology and its potential to transform the world. His columns for Data Center Knowledge and Data Center Frontier reflect that combination of enthusiasm and expertise, and his social media skills help extend the reach of his content to a broader audience.

Rich Miller, Founder & Editor, Data Center Frontier

Bill Kleyman is a knowledgeable writer and speaker on anything tech! His passion and enthusiasm for tech and all things in life are contagious and make working with him a truly wonderful experience! I can’t say enough about his knowledge, organization, and willingness to always make the client happy, no matter what the ask may be.

Ashley (Kurtz) Kure, Senior Program Coordinator, Informa Engage

Some of the Amazing Folks With Whom I’ve Had the Chance to Collaborate…

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By day, I’m the EVP of Digital Solutions at one of the industry’s most innovative technology companies. There, I get the chance to work on some really cool projects around solutions focused on data center, hyperscale, virtualization, cloud, data-driven design, DevOps, security, and much more.

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Outside of my day job, I’m an active part of the technology community. Want to know more about the mentorship programs I’m involved in? Maybe you have a technology question. Or, maybe you’re curious about a blog, report, or speaking event? Don’t be shy. Reach out.

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