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UKRAINE PODCAST: Don’t Let These Voices Be Forgotten!

In this special #NomadFuturist episode recorded at Data Center World on 03/30/2022, Phil Koblence and Nabeel Mahmood invite Bill Kleyman back to the podcast to share his unique perspective on the conflict in Ukraine.

Kleyman himself is a refugee whose family left Ukraine around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

Kleyman shares his heartfelt perspective and concern for family members, friends and colleagues who are dealing with the challenging situation in Ukraine. (Note, this podcast was recorded on March 30th and reflects the conditions on the ground at that time.)

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FASTCHAT WEBCAST: Overcoming Complexities of Modernization – A look at multi-cluster environments, distributed businesses, and the power of data

Modern organizations do everything they can to impact a digital and connected economy. However, emerging modernization efforts are also causing severe development and business headaches. While modernization is top of mind, legacy practices are still slowing down growing businesses.

In this special FastChat, we’ll explore the state of the infrastructure, how the new application and data requirements are shaping security practices like Zero Trust, and how new approaches like AIOps simplify development and reduce stress.

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How the Metaverse Will Live in Your Data Center

Emerging concepts around the metaverse all generally revolve around the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we are actively experiencing. Let’s briefly define what that means. According to the World Economic Forum, the speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent. Compared with previous industrial revolutions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is evolving exponentially rather than linear. Want to learn more? Be sure to check out this fun blog discussing the upcoming Metaverse!

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The Changing Data Center Landscape: Legacy Vs. Digital

We learned a lot over the past couple of years. Some of the lessons learned focused on how to stay relevant and ahead in a world that requires persistent connectivity. In a digital economy, we quickly saw how our data centers, hyperscale ecosystems, and colocation providers all played a critical role in helping people stay productive and connected. This blog is part of a special series covering new operational models and the shift to hyperscale. Be sure to check it out!

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What to Do When You Acquire a New Data Center: Key Steps to Get Familiarized

Congratulations – you’ve just acquired a new data center. This could be a new build, a newly refurbished data center, or one that you’re temporarily utilizing for capacity and business needs. You now have more resources, more tools to work with, and a whole new way of supporting your growing business. As great as it is to acquire a new data center infrastructure – there are some very critical considerations to make sure you’re nice and familiar with all of the components in your new environment.Check out this blog to learn about those emerging considerations.

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The Makings of a Modern Microgrid

Rob Thornton, president and CEO of the 105-year old International District Energy Association, often says that microgrids are “more than diesel generators with an extension cord.” In other words, a microgrid is not just for backup generation. This is a special blog series discussing some of the latest advancements in the microgrid industry.

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WEBCAST: The State of Cloud Security: How to Protect Your Most Precious Assets

There is no slowdown in the kinds of threats we’re seeing in our industry. In fact, things are getting scarier out there. In this special webcast with A10 Network, we discuss the state of cloud security, and protecting an oragnizations’ most critical assets. Spefically, we cover:
– How to separate fears from facts about cloud security
– The essential security features and controls to look for with cloud vendor
– How to prevent or minimize cybersecurity threats in a cloud environment

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How DCIM is Different Today

Believe me. It’s different and a lot has changed. It’s key to understand how DCIM has changed and how you can apply new management solutions to improve operations and your bottom line. This is part of a special blog series where I discuss next-gen tools and DCIM.

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[#GreenerData | Author Spotlight] Switch Data Centers’ Bill Kleyman

What does the term Greener Data mean to you? This is a special spotlight blog discussing sustainability, greener data, and the future of digital infrastructure. This spotlight also covers a new book I co-authored! It’s so far become an Amazon Best Seller. Be sure to check out this read!

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The Nuclear-Powered Data Center

Whenever I write an article here on Upsite, I usually get a ping or two afterward with questions, comments, and on occasion, a complaint or two. Well… when I wrote about nuclear-powered data centers, I had a few people ask him if I was being serious. I was being serious. Check out this new blog and learn more about nuclear-powered data centers!

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The Data Center Tools that Improve Operations and Help Reduce Risk

When working with critical infrastructure, it’s critical to keep people and assets safe. Reducing risk in key facilities includes prevention and identifying and reacting to critical incidents quickly. This is part of a three-part blog discussing DCIM, data center management, and much more. Be sure to check it out!

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WEBCAST: Bill Kleyman, Executive VP Digital Solutions at Switch Data Centers Talks Greener Data and More

In the latest episode of JSA’s Data Movers podcast series, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and top B2B social media influencer Evan Kirstel caught up with Bill Kleyman, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions with Switch Data Centers, and a contributing editor with Data Center Knowledge, Data Center Frontier, AFCOM, and Data Center World Program Chair

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PODCAST: Redefine Data Secure During Uncertain Times

The work-from-home era is officially underway. But how ready are you to support your users? Can you safely deliver data and resources to remote locations? And how do you keep an eye on it all? The cost of data breaches has never been higher and taking a reactive stance simply won’t fly. In this podcast we cover:

– The state of data security: It’s a bit chaotic
– Data management redefined
– Securing the user and the business
– Removing complexity and fragmentation
– Data management best practices

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How Cloud, Edge, and Connectivity are Impacting Modular Solutions

A lot is changing in how leaders are deploying digital infrastructure. They need to find ways to deliver critical pieces of infrastructure faster and more efficiently. It’s a big reason why designs around modular solutions are so popular. Check out my new blog discussing cloud, edge, and emerging modular solutions!

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Microgrid Knowledge Report – Microgrids: Data Center Energy Delivery for a Digital Economy

The data center industry has always adapted to meet the ever-increasing demand for constant connectivity, efficient delivery, and continuous uptime. High impact events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the California Wildfires, are becoming the new reality. Data centers must be prepared to address these incidents as they are increasing in both frequency and duration across every corner of the globe. Reliable power delivery during high-impact events is crucial to providing the regular quality of service during these destructive occurrences.

Check out my latest report that explores how microgrids are changing the paradigm on data center power delivery, uptime, and efficiency.

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Digital Infrastructure Decision Points: Speed to Deploy, Time to Market

Today’s markets move at the speed of data. This means that partners need to find ways to be creative, improve customers’ deployment speed and reduce overall times to market. Check out my latest blog discussing new solutions to improve digital infrastructure speed-to-market!

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Be the River, Not the Rock: Bill Kleyman on the Future of IT, Managing Cross-Generation, & Handling Entitlement

Don’t miss this podcast! Managing intelligent, creative people present unique challenges made even trickier when collaborating across multiple generations, each with distinctly different outlooks and career goals. Jim and Liron discuss those challenges with me! I also explain my vision for mentoring colleagues to effectively channel their abilities on their career trajectories. Along the way, we’ll dive into the bright future of IT as part of the global “re-electrification” that’s underway right now.

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Going Green in 2022: It’s Time to Get Creative and Take Initiative

Do NOT miss this blog! I discuss some really advanced topics including sustainable debt, tidal turbines, the world’s largest solar+battery deployment, and nuclear-powered data centers. It’s a truly innovative and future-thinking post that will get you excited about sustainability and a digital tomorrow.

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Design Considerations to Support Cloud and Digital Infrastructure

Working with digital infrastructure solutions, specifically those designed to support cloud and data center operations, can be challenging. Growth around distributed computing, more requirements around application resiliency, and ensuring optimal uptime have all placed new stressors on data center and technology pros. Be sure to check out this blog! I discuss some really cool concepts around modular design to support cloud and digital infrastructure!

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The Nomad Futurist Podcast
A Look at the Bill Kleyman Journey: The Happy and the Lucky

In this fascinating #NomadFuturist podcast, recorded at Data Center World in Orlando, Florida, Phil and Nabeel learn about the extraordinary journey of Bill Kleyman, Master of Ceremonies for the event and EVP of Digital Solutions at Switch Data Centers.

This journey about technology, life, determination, and optimism starts with a small boy in the Ukraine whose first experience of tech was learning telegraphy from his older brother.

New Liquid Cooling Designs Refine Options for Data Centers

The evolution of the workloads that we use every day to stay productive has fundamentally changed. New requirements around efficiency and using space wisely mean that leaders in the technology space need to look at cooling differently. This blog explores the latest concepts around liquid cooling, robotics, and automation.

The Digital Foundation Podcast
Ep12: What can we do to protect ourselves from Cyber Attacks?

Carrie and Simon are joined by Bill Kleyman – EVP of Digital Solutions, Chairperson of the iMason Millennials/GenZ member resource group, and Cyber security expert.

Stories in the press about serious cyber attacks are appearing with alarming and seemingly increasing regularity. We ask Bill, how can an industry that takes security so seriously be vulnerable to cyber attack, and what can we do to protect ourselves?

Data Centers, the Pandemic, and the Supply Chain: A Look at Resiliency and Reliability

The supply chain plays a crucial role in ensuring that we have resiliency in our infrastructure. Before the complexities of COVID, supply chain constraints felt more manageable. Today, they’re reshaping the way we build critical infrastructure and approach our addressable markets. That means that even though we have the best possible infrastructure in place, it can all crumble pretty quickly without a good supply chain.

The Evolution of Data Center Cooling: Liquid Cooling

The type of infrastructure that data centers support today is already different from a few years ago. Greater density levels, new types of workloads like AI and cognitive systems, and a vast reliance on data create a redesign mentality for data center leaders. The challenge for many in this industry is how to leverage density and space more effectively while still being able to scale critical resources. Air-cooling has led the industry in deployments for some time, and liquid cooling is now making significant strides to redefine density and next-generation computing capabilities.

The DCF Show: Bill Kleyman on The State of the Data Center in 2021

Give this a listen! I sit down with Rich Miller of Data Center Frontier and share insights from the AFCOM State of the Data Center report on the Data Center Frontier Show podcast. We talk about robotics, cloud repatriation, automation, the hyperscale shift, millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, and more.

The Unraid Uncast Episode 4: Fireside Chat with Bill Kleyman

On episode 4 of the Uncast pod, join Jon Panozzo and myself for a fireside chat about industry trends relevant to cloud, on-premise, and hosted (co-located) solutions.

In addition, learn about how I use Unraid to further enhance my home computing environment and create a dividing line between personal and lab infrastructure equipment.

Closer Look: How Data Centers are Leveraging Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT isn’t necessarily a jump into the cloud. Instead, it’s also an approach to creating a cloud-like ecosystem. So, what’s new, and how are organizations incorporating a cloud solution into an overall Hybrid IT strategy? To understand it, you have to look at the edge.

Are Data Centers Really a Recession-Proof Industry?

The statement in itself is fascinating. Just a few years ago, with the broader rollout of cloud computing, questions around data center relevancy started to pour in.

IoT Trends 2021: IoT accelerates, digitization, automation and edge architecture

From using data analytics at the edge to digital, remote health care to robotics and increased automation, IoT trends in 2021 exploit data at the edge.

Are Robots Taking Over the Data Center?

The good news is that we are finally starting to see the real-world use-cases around robotics and automation. The other fun point is that these machines help us gain more value in what we do every day.

Virtual Road Trip: Chicago – Oracle Industries Innovation Lab

Where can you find the future of construction? Just outside of Chicago! Bill Kleyman visits our Industries Innovation Lab, a construction site built for experimenting.

A New Era of Security: Saying Goodbye to the Data Center Perimeter

We’re about to have a different kind of conversation here on this blog. We’re not discussing airflow or rack density. We’re going to talk about security and why it matters to every data center and IT professional.

Educating Data Centers about Microgrid Benefits: More than Backup Generation

As a self-sufficient energy system, microgrids are capable of serving discrete geographic footprints. If you look at the US power grid, you will see that it’s pretty big and sometimes complicated.

Making the Cloud and Data Center Work Together Effectively

Although the cloud will continue to play a critical role in how we deliver core applications and services, it will not replace data center solutions.

FastChat: Modern Power Solutions for Digital Infrastructure

Get up to speed on some of the latest power and battery advancements for the modern digital infrastructure in this 10-minute FastChat.

Five Principles in a Zero-Trust Security Approach to IoT

IoT devices have created vulnerability for IT networks, but a zero-trust security approach can lock down attack vectors. Here are five key principles.

What Happens When You Inject Security into DevOps: DevSecOps

If you think that the security reviews that your DevOps team conducts are enough, give it another thought.